BrainBelt Therapy – what is it?

Neuroscientists have finally recognized how psychoanalysis and dynamic oriented therapies can change brain cells the same way medication does. This discovery became the biggest scientific achievement in the past century having as precursor neuroscientist Dr. Sigmund Freud who discovered brain plasticity but could not prove his studies because of lack of magnetic imaging (fMRI).

BrainBelt ™ is a method that rewires the brain. Designed by researcher and psychoanalyst Dr. Elide’ M. Beltram and her team, using multiple modalities such as Cerebral Guided Imagery, Active Rewiring and Refiring brain circuits, old blockages of non functioning behaviors can be re-wired and re-directed to different channels and neurotransmitters at a molecular level through the synovial fluid.

These talking visualizing methods can take place in group, private settings or even through Skype. Dr. Beltram’s team has been successful in the cure of depressive disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic, social anxiety, phobia, PTSD and Borderline disorder. The goal is to free individuals of their resistances and repetition compulsions formed in the synaptic blockages and can lead them toward the reward circuits of the brain.

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Robert Mayer discovers the Law of Energy Conservation

With the discovery by Robert Mayer (1814 – 1878) of the law of energy conservation, Heilbronn made an important contribution to the history of physics. The practical application of Mayer’s truth accounted for the rapid technological development in the 19th century.

The son of a pharmacist came to his ingenious discovery indirectly. After his medical studies, the young physician signed on to work aboard a Dutch ship in 1840. During a blood-letting in an East-Indian harbor, he recognized that the venous blood of the Europeans was pale red and looked like the oxygenated arterial blood. Other doctors had noticed that phenomenon, but it remained unexplained. The answer came to Mayer like a thunderbolt. He concluded that the human body needs less oxygen in tropical climes than in temperate zones to maintain its blood heat. From this, he drew the conclusion that motion and heat are “different manifestations of one and the same energy”. So, they “must permute and transform into one another”.


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Blog Talk Radio with Call the Shrink


SEX HAS BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME. Ancient and medieval practices demonstrate that sex is energy and part of everything in existence. The Yin and Yang, the two powerful forces that play a big role  in a wider universal understanding, is seen in chemistry, in the creative process, in physics, in food science, in music physics etc. In our sexuality, these two polarities, male and female, this push and pull  creates energy. In my last book “THE MEMORY OF VINEGAR AND OIL:ORIGINS UNIFIES” and “YOU ARE WHO YOU HATE:THE ALCHEMY OF DISSONANCE” I demonstrate this with the spiritual and psychological realm.

Here in the new series  “The Orgasmic Experience” I will share information with others in the field of the orgasm with special focus on the climactic phase. Prior to the Confucian Puritanism, the practice of sex as a spiritual practice existed in early China during the Han Dynasty. It was called the “HeQi” or Joining Energy. The first sexual texts are found at the Mawangdui tombs which later coincided with similar texts found during the Ishinpo dynasty 1000 yrs later. They all shared one common interest, the practice to stimulate, increase and conserve our bodily fluids to great extents. This trinity extends to the difference between the two sexes and how one may diminish or enhance the other for longevity and better health by choreographing multiple positions for different effect (fecundity, absorbing of vital energy etc). This push and pull throughout history, the battle of STEALING AND STRENGTHENING can be correlated with military methods, rituals and ultimately the political forum in Corporate America.

In a discussion with psychologists I will talk about the

1)PLEASURE PRINCIPLE, the primordial drive launched by Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung,

2) with neuro scientists about the recent results on the sensory part of the brain during orgasm and how the brain switches off during sex as a survival risk.

3) I will talk to the author of “Slow Sex” and Orgasmic Meditation, NICOLE DAEDONE,  WHO GUIDES TEACHERS HOW TO USE THE PRACTICE OF OM to connect emotionally and avoiding performance anxiety and goals.

4) Psychatrist Dr. Pooja from Rutgers University will talk about the four different nerves activating different sensory responses in the brain and in genital regions.

5) Ultimately with different coordinators of and TurnON, leaders and teachers in THE SCIENCE OF ORGASM,  will give instruction and practice for those seeking weekly OM practices and a Mastery Program and Certification.

My Radio program will also be available ON DEMAND for your comfort. Time permitting I will have room for Q&A. WELCOME ABOARD OMERS.


I invite you to participate in an informal exercise. No previous experience is necessary. This  test can be done immediately on line. It’s a duplication of my doctoral research I did 20 years ago on different responses to music. All you need is to find two different types of music, it should not contain any words. The listening will take no more than 5 minutes. Please choose two excerpts of music, one that you like and one that you don’t like. You’ll need paper and pencil for notating thoughts, phrases, feelings that will arise during the listening.

1. Sit comfortably alone, with the paper and pencil and the music source near you. Start listening to the music you like and follow any images, or messages you “see” and “hear” while following the music. Make sure you also write down any body sensations you may have.

2. After 5 minutes turn off the music, review the notation and distract yourself for a while, getting up, getting a glass of water or walking around.

3. Return to your chair with the second type of music you don’t like and proceed with number 1 and 2.

When you are finished send me your remarks and thoughts related to the music listening to You may stay anonymous, but I will need either initials or numbers for identification purpose.

The results will be disclosed soon and you will be notified. I hope you’ll enjoy this exercise and be prepared to partake in more tests and exercises regularly.



By Elide Beltram PhD

……..I rushed to  the Plaza de Toro in Sevilla. I arrived early enough to see the sun move from the wealthy seats to the less expensive ones. With it the colors of the arena softened from bright red to yellow to a more muted palette. A parallel to what I was about to observe? To see man against animal, outsmarting a powerful beast without seductions and mental games it could gorge the bullfighter. I was still in myNew York clothes and scents. People in their best attire, mainly couples and locals, entered the arena saying hello to everyone and sitting on their assigned, pillowed seats.

A distinguished man with red pants and a blue blazer sat next to me. He wore a beard and carried a Cannon lens which he was focusing on the entrance of the ring. I asked him if he was a professional photographer and he said, “No, I just enjoy coming to the corrida”.

I was glad he spoke English. I continued the conversation by asking questions for the article I was writing. Something about his demeanor and language told me he was an intellectual. Maybe even a psychoanalyst? I proceeded with the investigation and asked, “Do you think the bull would learn how to avoid death at his second corrida, quicker than mankind would learn from its mistakes?”

“I see it more as “enantiodromia” the steady forward movement that denotes the decrease in strength.” He forgot about his lens and looked at me. “My, you sound like my father.”

“Do I? Was he a Jungian?”

He erupted in a loud roar of laughter. “He was Jung. Karl Jung himself.”


“Yes, Karl Jung was my father.”

A moment of tension and confusion, I recalled when I was 14 years old back inSwitzerland, skating onLakeZurich. I stayed at the Monastery of Wurmsbach. Being attracted to a small, quaint house on the edge of the lake, I found that a gray-haired man would peek out of his little window on the top floor.

“He was your father? I met him in Rapperswil when I was 14 years old. I always skated by his house during lunchtime and our eyes would meet and he would smile. One day this elegant man, who reminded me of my father, was in the garden securing branches to wires…” I paused. Seeing the man’s interest, I was about to continue when he asked, “Woher komst du?” Where do you come from?

“Von Mariazell,” I said. Then I continued with my story. “The man in the garden became pensive when he heard of the Monastery and gave me a farewell with his hand.”

We were connected by Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, interested in psychic disturbances, religion as a quest for balance and personality traits.

Jung’s son introduced himself before the arena fell into very deep silence. The matador had entered and genuflected. I could hardly believe this synchronicity of events, bringing me  back to my divine encounter with my idol, which I later researched and continue to research. I traveled toSpainto connect the dots that I had been gathering all my life between psychology, human behavior, music physics, astrology, homeopathy and archetypal energy as a source of life.

The dance between animal and man had started. Elegantly, they felt each other out, getting to know each other, gathering information. Was there equality in this inequality of forces and intelligence? I was far from the gentleness of the Mongolian people and the warm and kind conversation with their animals. There was a sacred, godlike energy between them, like musical notes pulling each other and adjoining in the heart.

I had to keep my mind and heart open to observe the dance, like the locals do, in the same way I do in my psychoanalytic practice. I create or recreate the “disease” in an artificial way so that the re-experienced pain can get healed. Like cures like.

The patient with my “like” antidote gets closer to the life force and the true self emerges. Could I be observing the same principle in the bullfight? Could I hear the triton principle in music, so long banned in early Christianity because of its evil responses? Was the bullfighter here to heal or transcend something?

I was so anxious to discuss all these thoughts with Jung Jr. next to me, but the silence and tension was sacred in the arena. As sacred as Death, Life, intuition between two beings, being inside each other’s mind and body, knowing that one of them will be penetrated.

Junior must’ve read my thoughts and turned to me, “Is it really all about sex and death? Is this foreplay in the afternoon? How would a highly-trained bullfighter do against a bull with previous experiences?”

He would be killed. Strength would prevail and that was the unbalance of the fight. Natural selection, the basic mechanism of evolution where the fittest survives. Taking two trained minds, the animal would prevail because of its strength and speed and also because an animal is a learning animal. It learns from its first mistake, whereas humans do not.

“Your father didn’t talk much about evolution, did he?”

“Well, do you think that that’s the difference between the animal world and the human, where we make mistakes in the form of lessons, and those who are the chosen ones learn to go to a higher level, hence closer to a Higher Power?”

People turned around to look at us with disapproval. It was a tense moment in the hot arena, a Garcia Lorca moment, where love and death meet. Silently, we observed.

The silhouette shiny with sweat and gold stood still, immobile at a short distance from the tired, humbled and confused bull, who was exhausted by a sequence of hypnotic cape work. The crowd had been pleased with the intelligent bullfighter who had displayed excellent passes. A moment of intense silence ensued, almost breathless. The shiny sword thrust between the animal’s shoulder blades. It was a quick kill. The bull collapsed.

With no time to lose the victorious moment, mules dragged the dead bull out to be cut up and sold. Preceding the exit, they stopped in front of the dignitaries and the beautiful duenas waved embroidered kerchiefs to the hero and asked him to cut the ear and the tail of the victim to the sound of trumpets and a pleased crowd.

“Out with death, in with life,” Junior said.

I looked at the entrance and saw a new bull and matador welcomed by the enthusiastic crowd.

I waved to Jung Junior for my departure, but he showed signs of wanting to leave too. Coming close to the sandy, hot arena, we could smell the blood of life and death or death and life. I did not feel like talking. I was deep in thought.

Humans embody the flesh of the loser to be stronger.

I was back to Natural Selection. As he gathered his photographic lenses, he spoke as if he had read my mind, “Do you think we love in the modern way to avoid death?”

“Yes, to experience the oceanic feeling of pre and post birth and basically to avoid death.” Pointing at the blood-drenched smell coming from the arena, I added, “Then love is avoidance of death?”

He nodded. The arena had changed color. The sun was almost behind the walls, like it was grieving.

“The sun is very important in the bullfight. The theory, practice and spectacle of bullfighting have all been built on the assumption of the presence of the sun. When it doesn’t shine, a third of the bullfight is missing. The Spanish say, El sol es el major torero. The sun is the best bullfighter, and without the sun the best bullfighter is not there. He is like a man without a shadow.”

I nodded. I was tired and dirty, like the arena. I was not able to absorb what he had said, though intuitively I knew it was very important. He understood, smiled and we departed with a handshake……

The morning after, I awoke refreshed and glad to hear city noise ………

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A Sound Walk For Family Therapy

Dr. Elidé Beltram, Ph. D.

“Go cook an egg,” is the French version of “go take a walk,” both a crude way to be rid of a person.  Resentments from misunderstanding or misinformation cause rifts for family members, friends, and associates.  Imagine listening to a chamber orchestra that is playing the wrong score, with the wrong instruments, in the wrong key, with a conductor that does not keep the beat.  It would be chaos, discordance, and separation.

I have developed a technique to train your ear, and sensitivity that helps people comprehend how they hear information differently, and interpret differently.   It’s called a Sound Walk.  It is a map of what one hears.  I prescribe a weekly sound walk for friends and family.   This also works in the corporate world.   I led such a sound walk at the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology inCanada, and everybody was amazed at how we all hear and listen differently.

Practice this once a week and you will begin to understand that resentment, disagreements come from our deep self, our genetic mapping.  The sound walk requires at least two people.  You will need some pencils and notepads.   You and your family can do the sound walk outside, or in a living room, or in a place that is not too noisy.  Assign a leader to call “stop” and “go to next position.”  All the sound walkers will have to

write ahead of time on their worksheet the following:

First Stop – sound heard ____

(Walk to second position)

 Second Stop – sound heard ____

(Walk to third position etc)

Each person starts walking silently and slowly, in a row or side by side. The leader stops the group every half a minute or so and people will write down what they heard.  This is a meditation.  Make sure you listen to all sounds near and far from you and take your time.  When everybody is finished, the leader directs the group to second position.

I suggest you do a dry run first so that everybody understands the basics and then the sound walk will run smoothly for at least 10 minutes.  Children may join as long as they can be silent and be able to write.  You’ll be amazed how many sounds you have heard and how different they are from other listeners.

With this exercise, you’ll gain great respect for misunderstandings, next time you have a conflict instead of confronting and accusing, be open to reviewing what each person heard, and how they have interpreted what you said.

An easy way to clearly understand each other after a conflict is for a couple to sit in front of each other where each one takes turn saying in a SHORT phrase how she/he sees and feels about a situation while the other person listens without interrupting. When the first person is finished, the second person repeats exactly what he or she heard, asking the questions, “Did I hear you right? Tell me more.” When the first person is finished, the partner will proceed the same way.

Here is an example starting with the first person:

“When you don’t help me with the dishes it makes me angry.”

The partner repeats:

“You said that when I don’t help you with the dishes it makes you angry…..did I hear you right? Tell me more”

First person:

“When I … Etc.

Remember to keep the phrase short so that the partner can easily remember and repeat it. Never interrupt, never interpret, just listen, and repeat back verbatim.  If a partner does not repeat back to his or her partner, the exact phrase, the first person, will have to repeat the phrase again without interrupting the flow.

Here is a quote I coined, “We feel loved when we are being heard.”

On a side note, you can’t imagine the sounds that I heard inMongolia, on my sound walks there.  If you would like to hear more of what I heard and explored there, pick up a copy of my book The Memory of Vinegar and Oil: Origins Unified.


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Peek Inside A Psychotherapeutic Session For You To Understand The Sanctum Sanctorum Of Therapy

(excerpt from my book “The Memory of Vinegar and Oil: Origins Unified”)


“Hello Dr.Beltram, Long time no see.” Joshua said as he handed me a cup of hot coffee.  I pulled back the lid and took a sip.

“How was it that you weren’t able to do any phone sessions?” I asked, starting the session.

“Yeah, it sucks to do phone sessions, so far away.  It’s like dying a little bit. A part of you is asleep,” Joshua said.

“Tell me about that sensation of dying a little bit and falling asleep?”

“Well, that you are not here.  I wanted to go to sleep, to lull myself to sleep.”

“To avoid something?”

“Maybe, avoiding. Missing something, missing a face, somebody…”

“Does anything come to mind about missing a face that makes you want to fall asleep?” I asked

“Hmm. Maybe my dad? I would go to him at night when I was scared. I was maybe three years old and he wouldn’t wake up, even when I shook him.”

“Did he eventually wake up?”

“No. He was dead and I didn’t know. I kept squeezing him, rolling him, ruffling his hair. I opened his eyes, his mouth, but he was cold pale. He didn’t talk to me, he just didn’t.”

“He didn’t see me anymore. I wanted to wake him up so badly,” he said, crying now, a desperate cavernous cry of all three years old.

I sat like that, containing his pain and listening respectfully.

After a while, I said, “I hear you. I am here for you.”

“Yeah, but you disappear too!”

“Yes, I disappear like your dad.”

“And I hate you when you do that, because you give me this bad feeling in my belly,” Joshua said.

“Do you think that bringing me coffee has something to do with that?”

“Can’t you just accept it, Doc?”

“Yes, I can accept that you want me to be awake and here for you.”

“But everybody near me is neither here nor there.”

“Like your dad?”


“The last time we talked you were telling me how you choose girlfriends who are like that. They come and go. Do you remember?”

“Oh you remember? How about that,” he said and sniffled, the tears were winding down.

“How about that?”

“Yeah, I see where you are going. I choose people that I expect to leave me so I re-experience that old feeling of being abandoned by my dad when he died.”

“And you chose a therapist that does that in a way but is also available by phone every week for you?”


“So you really don’t have to bring me coffee to keep me awake. Alright, Josh?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, sounding like a three year old caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“No, it’s important that you see that, Joshua. Not everybody will leave you like you expect. That’s in your mental script, a very old one that you now can let go.”

He sat up. “Well, yeah, I still missed you”

“It’s important to verbalize that, that you missed me and what I represent to you.”

“So that I don’t act out, right, with the coffee?”

“Because if you do that with somebody else, things would be different right?” After a pause, I added, “What would happen?”

“There would be projections, misunderstandings, expectations, blah blah, blah….” He said.

He left the session smiling.


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Teaching Dolphins A Basic Language

Elidé Beltram Ph. D.

Year ago, at the University of Hawaii, in the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab, I worked with four bottlenose dolphins.  It was an experiment to teach them fundamental acoustic sound and gestural language forms.  Elele and Hiapo was a male and female pair about four years old. Phoenix and Akeakamai were two twelve year old females.  We had an immediate bond, a telepathy. Their eyes pierced mine as no human ever had. It was a deep cerebral and spiritual connection that almost bypassed an earthy connection. I even asked myself back then, maybe this is what God feels like?

They had been tutored in a basic vocabulary of named objects, requested actions, and basic sentences.  Studies have shown that dolphins have the ability to understand the semantic and syntactic structure of words and sentences.  These  four could follow instructions.  Instructions were given either by a live person giving basic sign language, or through images of signers projected onto video monitors that were seen by the dolphins through underwater windows.

Elele and Hiapo were trained with basic auditory and visual cues.  A dolphin keyboard was developed which allowed the dolphins to interact with their trainers and handlers by pressing, one or more of a series of lighted symbols, for requests for more input, or answers to trainer’s questions.

Phoenix, who was previously trained, in the comprehension of an artificial acoustic language, was used in a test to observe if the dolphin could vocally repeat a sound that she had heard.  Each segment was either a linear tone sweep or a constant frequency tone.  The goal was to have Phoenix listen to a model sound broadcast into her tank underwater and for her to produce a vocal imitation of that sound.   She was highly successful at matching the model sound duration and only moderately successful at matching frequency and contour of the sound.

Melody Perception was also part of the daily training routine.  Dolphins can recognize melodic contours of music even after the melody has been transformed or broken up in a number of ways.  These tests revealed that the dolphin’s auditory capabilities surpassed those of most species.

Phoenix and Akeakamai could follow an action of indicative pointing and could carry out a specific action to a person or object to their right, left or an object or person behind them. Phoenix chose the correct indicated object at about 33%;  Akeakamai performed her task significantly better choosing the correct destination by 64%.

I was interested in dolphin’s response to sound, being  the creative life force along with breath and water. Sound came forth out of the womb of silence and created all things.  Akeakamai taught me to create inner sounds so that we can create outer manifestations because sound requires breath and water. It is the sacred unformed element that we can shape into any manifestation if we know how to combine breath and sound. This dolphin also taught me that I had to change paths, change my breathing patterns, and change my sound.  I really enjoyed the work with these four dolphin souls.  Thinking back perhaps, they taught me more than I could ever have taught them.

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